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We have positions available in Melbourne for tutors to work on a casual basis, employed as subcontractors.

We register 4 categories of tutors undergraduates, graduates, teachers as well as academics.




UNDERGRADUATE VCE ENTER score of 95 and higher.

GRADUATE University degree or equivalent.

TEACHER Teaching qualification or teaching experience in classroom environment.

ACADEMIC - University graduate with a completed Masters or higher.




Tutoring work can be very rewarding for people who enjoy interaction and communication with other people due to the close contact and continual interaction with students and parents.

Successful tutors will have good communication and English language skills. A good level of spoken and written English is important due to the characteristics of the tutor's role.

Private transportation is preferable due to the ease and flexibility, as well as the travel time saved compared to public transport. Although this is not a prerequisite, a tutor who does not have access to a car will be significantly disadvantaged. Relying on public transport alone restricts tutoring to areas where public transport is available. Travel will take significantly longer even if the student lives in a nearby suburb. During the winter season, the public transport user will be exposed to wind, rain and general gloomy weather conditions more so than a vehicle user. If you do not have access to a car, please take these factors into account when deciding to register with our organisation.

There is an option where tutoring can take place in the tutor's home or a neutral location. However, this is not the norm and the general practice is for the tutor to travel to the student.




We have demand for many subjects across all levels. Tutors elect the subjects and level that they would like to tutor. Choosing a number of subjects and levels will ensure more work, however, it is very important that you are confident and knowledgeable in your chosen subjects and levels. We have most demand from students undergoing the VCE. Although VCE level subjects may be easy for many tutors in terms of the level of knowledge, it is important to note that unlike most other levels, the VCE curriculum has a particular structure that must be adhered to. It is important for tutors to have knowledge of the VCE curriculum for the elected VCE subject(s).




Due to the reasonable rates that we charge our members, we have a strong demand for our services. As a result of this, we can guarantee work for tutors in virtually all subjects and locations. However, like the academic year, tutoring is very seasonal, so it should not be considered as an avenue for full-time employment, particularly at the early stages of your registration. Applying undergraduate tutors should note that the period when your assistance will be required most occur during at times when you have your own assignments as well as exams.

It is not uncommon for tutors to tutor 15 - 20 hours a week, and by year end have helped more than 10 individual members. This information should only be used as a guide, as the amount of tutoring depends on the performance of the tutor, the subjects tutored, base location as well the willingness to travel.




The following is a list of the general practice that you will encounter as an A1Tuitiontutor. Naturally, variations do occur from time to time.



Apart from financial compensation for your services, we can provide the following benefits which you will not get in other agencies:



It would be fair to say that we are the most progressive tutoring agency in Melbourne, in terms of growth and service expansion. Initially we began servicing Melbourne through private tuition. Today we provide a number of complementary products and services. These services require the involvement of tutors. Registered tutors are encouraged to participate in the growth of our organisation and become involved with the additional products and services that we offer, as well as have the opportunity to introduce new services which can be of benefit to the student community.


Registered tutors are involved in the following products and services:

Registered tutors have the opportunity to assist in the growth of the organisation in the following ways:



As a result of changes to the taxation system introduced on July 1 2000, subcontractors are required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Tutors who register without an ABN will have a 48.5% withholding tax deducted from their monthly remuneration. Successful applicants should apply for an ABNas soon as possible. For further questions regarding the new tax system as it applies to subcontractor please contact the Tax Reform Infoline on 13 24 78. 


Below is a link that will take you to the ABN registration page: 




working with children


The Working with Children Act 2005 requires that people who work or volunteer in certain child-related work apply for, and pass, a Working with Children Check. WWC Check is valid for five years (unless revoked or surrendered prior). The application fee for a WWC Check is $76.10. This fee is GST exempt and non-refundable. The application needs to be made at a participating Australia Post outlet. The application fee can be paid by cash, EFTPOS or credit card at the post office. Since the WWC is required for you to earn income the application fee can be tax deducted.


Below is a link that will take you to the Victorian Department of Justice WWC page:


working with children check link



All candidates wishing to register as a tutor are required to undergo an interview/induction process. Interviews are usually conducted on Thursdays at 4pm during the recruitment period. Recruitment periods vary during the year and successful applicants are contacted by phone roughly a week prior to the interview day. The interview/induction process takes about 2 hours and is held in a group environment. Details of venue is provided during the phone consultation.


Applicants are required to bring copies of at least the following:


interview document table



Only copies of the required documents are necessary, and we need to keep these on file. Originals are not required. In the past we have employed highly experienced tutors. If you would like to bring copies of other achievements, such as awards or certificates then you may do so. The more information about your skills, knowledge and experience we have the better.


Only a small percentage of applicants make it to the interview stage. So in order to avoid unnecessary costs start to prepare the required documents only after you are contacted to attend the interview.


* We have an online library with notes and materials on various subjects. New tutors can contribute to this library by providing us with personalised notes or other materials. If you would be willing to share your notes/materials with other tutors please bring these to the interview on CD for submission to our password protected online library.



Applicants are required to complete and submit an online application form (see below) for an application to be considered. This is the only way to apply for a position at A1 Tuition.



Please use only one of the following forms. To ensure that you apply using the correct form, please check above to see the prerequisites required for each category of tutor. If you are a teacher who has completed a Masters or higher, please complete the ACADEMIC application form.