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Cram Box




A1 Tuition has developed and trade marked the Cram Box, an advanced new product that will provide students with significant benefits in relation to their studies. The VCE Cram Box complements the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority's (VCAA's) encouragement of using information and communications technology (ICT) in a growing number of VCE subjects. Since this is a CD based computer product, schools that require students to purchase a laptop will now have a resource that is specifically designed and created for such a purpose. It provides students with an opportunity to increase the utilisation of their laptops.



VCE Cram Box student

  • Comes in four different varieties to suit budget and study needs.

  • Cram Box - Subject and unit specific e.g. Unit 3 Accounting.

  • Cram Box Combo - Multiple subject unit specific e.g. Unit 3 Accounting/Economics.

  • Cram Box  Complete - Multiple unit subject specific e.g. Unit 3 & 4 Chemistry.

  • Cram Box  Shuvax - Multiple unit and subject e.g. Unit 1 & 2 Chemistry/Maths Methods.

  • Available direct from us or through retail outlets.

  • Available only on CD Rom (windows 2000 & XP).

  • Includes additional subject specific content.




The general consensus has been that students often lack enough resources to enable them to properly revise their coursework. Teachers also are always on the lookout for additional practice materials and questions for their students. The VCE Cram Box is crammed with VCE specific resources including study notes, questions, solutions and laminated study cards. Each Cram Box also offers additional subject specific content.




$14.95 members



$29.95 members



$29.95 members



download sample


download sample

Unit 4


Cram Box


download sample

Unit 3

Accounting/Further Maths

Cram Box Combo



download sample

"Nineteen Eighty-Four"


Cram Box




Don't buy a whole stack of VCE resources this year, buy one which is all inclusive!! There is currently no product on the market that includes as many VCE resources crammed into the one product as the VCE Cram Box. If you can find a more comprehensive VCE resource which has a price that even comes close to the Cram Box then buy it!!




Each Cram Box is made up of at least four separate components:

All components are printed in FULL COLOUR to make reading easier and to highlight important points.



  • Prepared according to the VCE syllabus.

  • Different colours used to distinguish different aspects of notes.

  • Easy to read and understand.

  • Summarises and explains key areas of the subject.

  • Written by professional and current educators.

  • Ideal for SAC and exam revision.

  • Reduce reading and study time.


  • Unique questions of varying difficulty - and lots of them.

  • Some questions based on assessable SAC format.


  • Sample solutions fully worked.

  • Wrong solutions explained as to why they are wrong.

  • Full colour used when required.

  • Easy to read and understand.


  • Summarise formulas and key concepts.

  • Stick them on your wall or door (requires BLU TACK).

  • Printed in full colour.

  • Act as a "cheat sheet".

  • 2 - 5 double sided per Cram Box.

 * NOTE: English Cram Boxes do not have study cards.

vce cram box poster


The uniqueness and comprehensiveness of this product is illustrated by the  fact that the Cram Box is the only product on the market in Victoria (perhaps Australia) that covers more than 1 subject in the single (Combo & Shuvax) product.